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Laser cutting & bending

Laser cutting is the very basis of state-of-the art sheet metal working.This technology is also used for precision cutting of pipes and hollow profiles.MSW GmbH always keeps sufficient stocks of pre-finished materials plus the required certifications and test reports, which translates into fast turn-around and top quality for our customers.

CNC machining

WhenCNC technology was first adopted in classical mechanical engineering some 30 years ago, Kurri was ready to take the plunge.The company has since acquired a portfolio of large and small machinery and equipment to meet almost any customer need.Whether it is drilling, boring, milling or grooving – Ing. Ernst Kurri and his team always rely on state-of-the-art technology and their long-standing expertise.

Surface treatment

As required by customer specifications, surfaces are treated by electrochemical or chemical processes or are protected against corrosion by means of cataphoresis and powder coating.

Assembly of components

If required by the customer, MSW fits manufactured parts with ball bearings and ball-and-socket joints and assembles parts into components.Functional tests are, of course, performed prior to delivery to guarantee that the customer will receive a perfect product.

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