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In 2014, MSW GmbH became the new name for metal-working expertise. Quality and services will continue to be delivered at the levels of excellence to which customers of Ing. Ernst Kurri’s business have been accustomed for decades!

Our key resource is our outstanding workforce. In our team, specialisation is a key priority as requirements have become highly diverse over time due to the enormous range of products and technologies offered. We only employ true professionals.
Our predominantly in-house trained welders are able to deliver complex solutions. Working with welding engineers, they develop and execute the best possible solutions in unregulated and regulated aviation applications.

In our machine shop, highly skilled workers operate state-of-the art CNC turning, milling and cutting machines and press brakes. This enables us to offer complete solutions ranging from raw parts to finished parts with maximum productivity in cutting and shaping.

We manufacture sophisticated parts, components and complete systems for a large variety of industries:
  • Power engineering, power supply, mobility
  • Aircraft construction
  • Railways, traffic engineering
  • Plastics
  • Medical technology, food processing
  • Materials handling
  • Environmental engineering
  • Industrial, plant and mechanical engineering

MSW GmbH is your reliable partner in the production, machining and finishing of metals and offers customers one-stop-shop solutions.

Our headquarters:

MSW GmbH Mechatronics & Welding Workshops
Dr. Alexander Schaerf Straße 12
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt
Telefon: +43 2622 238 650
Fax: +43 2622 238 653
Email: office@msw.co.at